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Land Surveying Services, Inc. - About Land Surveying Services, Inc.

About Land Surveying Services, Inc.

Firm History

In 2002, Land Surveying Services, Inc. (LSSI) was formed by a group of people having over 20 years experience combined in the field of land surveying. LSSI's goal is to be your company's number one choice for all your land surveying needs. We provide all of our services in a timely and accurate manner that is cost effective. In order to accomplish these tasks, LSSI continually stays current with the latest technology from field equipment to software.

Advanced Technology

LSSI uses state of the art field equipment such as a Geodimeter Robotic Total Station, Topcon Robotic Total Stations, Topcon Total Stations, Topcon GPS, and data collectors using TDS software. All members of the field crews have experience in residential, commercial and industrial surveys, along with construction layout. All of LSSI 's field vehicles are equipped with laptop computers which allow them direct access to office support.

Inside the office, LSSI is always current with the latest software available. Currently, we are using AutoCAD along with Softdesk's Land Development Desktop software. LSSI has accounts with many counties in order to receive all necessary research in a timely manner. Creating PDFs and having an in house plotter allows LSSI to deliver projects in any format requested.

Land Surveying Services is a full service WBE/DBE
surveying firm capable of handling all of your surveying needs.

Ten Reasons LSSI is Right for You

  1. In office staff to answer your questions
    LSSI will designate your project to a project manger that will maintain and oversee your project from start to finish.

  3. Easy ordering of new projects
    LSSI has created an easy ordering method for all your project needs.

  5. State of the Art Field Equipment
    LSSI believes that keeping up with the newest technology will provide our clients with projects that are accurate and cost efficient.

  7. LSSI has 20 Years Experience
    LSSI's professional land surveyor has been practicing all aspects of land surveying from small residential surveys to high rise condominiums to the bed of the Chicago River.

  9. LSSI has the staff to meet any due date
    LSSI has multiple field crews and project managers making sure every job is completed in a timely manner.

  11. LSSI will take care of your project
    LSSI understands our clients busy schedule; by placing an order with us you can be sure your project will be completed accurately and on time.

  13. Qualified staff
    LSSI believes in continuing education for all personnel making sure everyone is up to date with the latest standards.

  15. Drawings are prepared with the latest version of AutoCAD
    LSSI also has the technology to convert your drawing in to any format you request.

  17. LSSI can customize your surveys
    LSSI can accommodate any specific drawing requirement requests you have

  19. At LSSI, we are all Team Players
    We will work with your staff to provide you with a flawless, worry free end product.
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